Zilah Wear Costa Rica "Brand Redesign + Apparel Design"
Client: Zilah Wear Costa Rica
Year: started March 2015
Zilah is a costa rican brand founded 2012
I was asked to refresh the appearance of this brand, which was focused before more in Reggae and Rootswear. Together with the Zilah Wear Team I created a new USP: "High quality t-shirts with modern prints following a surf and urban style and to present the Costa Rican lifestyle  'Surfing and Pura Vida' ". I designed the new logo, the appearance in social media. I am still responsible for creating promotion-flyers, banners, POS-Design, content management and taking part in the regular design process of the t-shirt prints. Furthermore I designed and programmed the webshop. To take a look of the current collection please visit www.zilahwear.com