Ponti "Event and sign system design for better orientation"
Client: BLS Business Location South Tyrol – Alto Adige
Agency: Büro X, Vienna / Austria
Year: May 2014
Ponti is an annualy event by Business Location Southtyrol in Italy where business of the energy sector meet to make new business relations, improve their network, to win new business partners and to get informed about new ways of alternative energy. I had to design the appearance of this event that mirrors the aim of this event - Networking. So I chose to design a flexible net that appears in every place and every media related to this event. The main thinking was "beeing connected".
The location of the event offers many rooms where people can meet, discussions and presentations taking place. I had to develop a sign system to improve the orientation. With help of the orientation map, orientation signs and its icons related to each action taking part in the rooms, the visitors could  not miss any part of the event.
As a little present to remember this event the visitors received a natural energy drink produced by a local juice factory tagged with a little paper battery for giving energy at any time needed.