Born 1987 in St. Pölten | Austria

Stefanie studied Graphic and Communication Design at the technical college HTL1 (Austria). She intensified her knowledge, skills and studies in graphic and information design at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum (Austria) where she received her bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design.

Stefanie worked for international advertising agencies like Publicis and Young&Rubicam where she got experience from the creative process to the production process of advertising material for brands of the C2B and B2B sector. She continued her way into more design orientated agencies, where she could apply her passion for typography and minimalistic straight design. After several years working for agencies in Europe she decided to change her pattern and to leave cold rainy winters behind and moved to Costa Rica. Now she is living and working by herself in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica.

Beside her graphic design business she started working for the Costa Rican t-shirt brand Zilah Wear . Designing t-shirts and creating an apparel brand was always a big dream of her and is a total new experience.

Dasuno – Design & Advertising (Vienna, Austria)
Publicis Group Austria – Advertising Agency (Vienna, Austria)
Young & Rubicam – Advertising Agency (Vienna, Austria)
Formdusche – Design Studio (Berlin, Germany)
Büro X – Design Studio (Vienna, Austria)